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The community  
for SPIRITUAL women who want more

manifestHER Daily is a community for women who want to keep Christ in the center, as that's the best way to show up daily. We create remarkable, unforgettable spiritual growth experiences for women, from our luxe 52 week journal and our ongoing teaching series with Erin Marie, to our in-person events like the Renew Retreat and manifestHER Daily Weekend Experiences.

Light up your inbox with regular inspiration, positive affirmations for success through Christ, and stay up to date with all the exciting things happening in the ManifestHER Daily Community! I can’t wait to chat with you!

the community

manifestHER Daily is more than a journal—it’s also a rich, fulfilling Christian community for women, offering various ways to connect, including events, experiences, and affirmations that you can take with you everywhere you go to help you continue to show up daily with Christ in the center of your life, manifesting an abundant, God-inspired vision.

We’re a community of women who want MORE—more joy, more peace, more alignment, and more success through Christ. In the manifestHER Daily Community, you can experience live teaching that accompanies the manifestHER Daily journal, through our Facebook Group.  In addition, you can deepen your prayer and Christian meditation practice through joining live Morning Miracle Meditations with Erin Marie, aka BWFwoman. You can also take strategic steps necessary to powerfully position your purpose and create Kingdom Wealth through Erin Marie’s The Purpose Maker Mentoring Experience or even join a manifestHER Daily Regional Group and read BWFwoman’s new manifestHER Daily YouVersion Bible App Plans with others near you. 

You can also connect with our community via Instagram to access inspiration that BWFwoman cultivates to inspire and enrich you; you can be affirmed through the I AM Beautiful Wild Free podcast; and you can meet others in our community through our transformational events and experiences.

We are women who intentionally enjoy our lives while optimizing our experience in Christ, and we invite you to join us.

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the events

manifestHER Daily Events are life-changing, luxurious, spiritual growth experiences designed to enrich and restore. Receive the spiritual, mental, and physical refreshing you’ve been looking for while enjoying a relaxing, highly curated experience with BWFwoman. You’ve been working hard, and you deserve to step away to fill your spirit so that you can realize the extraordinary life that God has for you. If you’re ready to bring your manifestHER Daily experience full circle in a powerful way, manifestHER Daily Events deliver.

Our 2023 Events are sold out.
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manifestHER Daily Founder Erin Marie, BWFwoman


Erin Marie, also known as BWFwoman, is a Christian Mentor, Author, Speaker, and Teacher who created BWFwoman in 2012 to help spiritual women who want MORE learn how to create a personal vision inspired by Christ, design powerful lives so they can experience deep satisfaction, and develop an intimate relationship with God that leads to transformational clarity. Together, we’re intentionally becoming beautiful, wild, free women.

With over 140,000 YouVersion Bible App subscribers and almost 200,000 downloads of her popular I AM Beautiful Wild Free podcast, BWFwoman has touched thousands of women around the globe, fostering sisterhood and deeper, more satisfying, spiritual relationships with God.

Erin Marie is a seeker of God, a believer that with God anything is possible, a wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, and speaker who has been featured on ABC, a 2020 Boss Women Media Woman of the Year, and an invited guest speaker at the 2021 ESSENCE Music Festival.

She enjoys teaching about the Biblical roots of mindset, meditation, the manifestation of God, and the curating of sacred spaces—like manifestHER Daily and BWFwoman—that provide women with healing, elevation, and JOY. Follow @bwfwoman and @manifestHERdaily on Instagram.

the journal

manifestHER Daily is the highly anticipated, leading journal for women, helping you to keep Christ in the center of your life by empowering you to show up as your best self, every day. manifestHER Daily is a 52-week journal that is divided into four “I AM” affirmation themes, curated to support your success throughout the year—I AM Loved and In a Beautiful Relationship, I AM Healthy + Successful,  I AM Trusting God, and I AM Wealthy.

Every week of the manifestHER Daily journal creates a consistent cadence you can depend on, with a weekly devotional study; habit tracker; gratitude notes; affirmation word of the week; prayer notes and activities that reinforce the quarterly theme; and activities that encourage you to achieve the MORE you’ve been looking for.

manifestHER Daily Journal is available now, just click below.

I am worthy I am wealthy I trust god I am worthy I am wealthy I trust god I am worthy I am wealthy I trust god I am worthy I am wealthy I trust god

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